Berry blueberry smoothie bowl

This berry blueberry smoothie bowl is so delicious, Blueberries, blackberries raspberries and strawberries, mixed with chia seeds, hemp seeds and protien powder is a great way to start your day. Top this with bananas and walnuts and you will be ready to face your day full of energy that lasts. Chia seeds have sustainable energy are full of fiber and protien, they also contain omega 3 and are full of antioxidants. Hemp seeds are loaded with omega 6 and omega 3 they are high in protien (1 tbl =3-4 grams approximately). Berries are packed with phytochemicals and nano-nutrients that you can not get elsewhere, so load up your daily smoothie with these delicious nutrient dense ingredients and you will feel better and be healthier.

First steps to you blueberry smoothie. Wash and dry, the berries. Add 1 cup of unsweetened fruit juice to blender. Add chia seeds, hemp seeds and protien powder. I also add a handful of walnuts for the healthy polyunsaturated oils they contain. Blend until well mixed. If needed a a small amount of juice to allow blender to mix completely. Unless you have a super blender all the seeds will not get chopped smoothly, so this is a bit chewy. I think this adds to the nutty healthiness of the smoothie.

After blending ingredients in the blender pour into a bowl that will hold about 2 cups. Top with sliced bananas, walnuts halves, blueberries and a strawberry.  Then sit down, relax a few minutes and spoon in the bounty of natural goodness in a bowl. The berry smoothie mixed with bananas, walnuts and blueberry is so satisfying. The long lasting energy in this bowl will make you want to run through your day smiling on every one you see.

  • 1 cup juice unsweetened any flavor
  • 1 cup berries
  • 1 tablespoon hemp seeds
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 scoop protien powder
  • ½ cup walnuts
  • ½ banana
  1. In blender combine, juice, berries, chia seeds, hemp seeds,protien powder and a few walnuts.
  2. Blend to thoroughly combine all ingredients until smooth. It helps to pulse a few times to get things started.
  3. Pour into a bowl that will hold 2 cups
  4. Top with sliced bananas, walnuts and berries
  5. Breath in a nd out a few deep breaths, then dig in.

REd, White and Blue Pizza

What’s more American than pizza? I am I am I am. Just having a flash back from grade school and my favorite song. Fruit pizza made with raspberries, blackberries and pears on top a of a cream cheese “sauce”, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Red, white and blue pizza makes me think of family picnics in the summer. I have had this recipe since high school. Yikes, back in the 80’s with big hair and 501 button-fly Levi jeans. I have improved this recipe since then just as I have improved myself over the years. I converted the recipe from a sugar cookie crust to a butter cookie crust with luscious nuts. I changed from a cool whip filling to a delicious cream cheese filling. Then added fresh berries and pears for this version. Finally I made a gluten free crust. All the things I love in one scrumptious mouth watering bite.

This is super easy to make. It travels well and stays fresh without having to be in the cooler. And when your friends and family see and taste this you will win the blue ribbon prize for best dessert. It really ends up looking too beautiful to eat. So dig and and take that first bite and watch it disappear.

Wash the berries, let dry on towel. Peel and slice the pears. I was trying to brainstorm what we could make the white stripes out of. Then fresh pears came to mind berries and pears what a perfect combination.A version of this recipe as seen in our family heritage cookbook that me and my mom created several years ago for a family reunion. There are innumerable ways to make this pizza. Whichever fruit you choose will always be a winner. Nuts, butter, sugar and gluten free flour is all it takes to make this delicious gluten free crust. Your favorite gluten free flour mix will work fine in this. It needs to be a baking blend in order for the crust to hold up to the fruit and cream cheese filling that will go on it.

Dip sliced pears in pineapple juice to keep from turning brown. I like pineapple juice better than lemon juice because it does not make the fruit tart. Pineapple juice doesn’t change the pear flavor and keeps the pears fresh and white. Just before using the pears place on a towel to remove extra juice.  Wash the berries, remove any stems or leaves. Let berries dry completely on a towel. Slice the strawberries. Use the blackberries to make to blue background for the stars (blueberries can also be used) and the raspberries and strawberries for the red stripes. Leave enough space between stripes to place pears.I made this out of a gluten free flour blend for baking, which does not change the texture of the crust. When mixing the crust do not over blend it works best if it is a bit crumbly. Press in the pan and bake 15 minutes. This crust will not brown since it is gluten free.

Now the prep is done it is time to build your flag. Once the crust is cool spread the cream cheese mixture on the crust. It is best to put a few blobs of filling over the crust, then spread each out going only in one direction. Usually if you try to spread backward some of the crust will come with the spoon making a sticky mess. Next build you blue area to the size you want. Then do your red stripes, I alternated raspberries and strawberries so that each piece would have both berries on it. Leave enough space to put the pears in between. Lastly using a frosting bag filled with whipped topping make “stars” in the blue background.

  • Crust
  • 2 cups gluten free flour blend for baking
  • 1 cup cold butter
  • 1 cup chopped pecans or walnuts
  • ½ cup sugar
  • Filling
  • 2 (8 oz) cream cheese room temperature.
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 8 oz whipping cream
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ¼ teaspoon cream of tartar
  • Fruit
  • Blackberries
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Fresh pears
  • Pineapple juice
  • Blueberries can be used as well
  1. Put flour, sugar and nuts in a mixer stir to combine.
  2. Cut butter into small pieces add to flour. mix until it becomes crumbly. Do not over mix.
  3. Press firmly into a cookie sheet that has been sprayed with nonstick cooking spray.
  4. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Since this is gluten free it will not turn brown. So gently touch the top to test for doneness. It should spring back slightly.
  5. Remove from oven and allow to cool completely.
  6. Whipping cream
  7. In mixer with the whisk attachment combine whipping cream and ¼ cup sugar and 1 tsp vanilla. whip on high until soft peaks develop. Add ¼ tsp cream of tartar to prevent breakdown. Whip again to form stiff peaks.
  8. Divide in half.
  9. Prepare filling.
  10. In mixer blend cream cheese until it is smooth,
  11. Add powdered sugar and blend until well mixed.
  12. Lastly slowly mix half of the whip cream just until mixed. Do not over blend or you will loose the fluffiness.
  13. Gently spread on cooled crust.
  14. Fruit
  15. Wash and completely dry the berries, remove any leaves and stems.
  16. Slice strawberries.
  17. Peel and slice the pears, place in pineapple juice. This will prevent them from going brown. Just before using place on towel to drain juice.
  18. Prepare flag
  19. Place blackberries in corner for star blue background.
  20. With strawberries and raspberries make the red stripes alternating between strawberries and raspberries.Leaving space for the pears.
  21. Lay the pears in between the red stripes.
  22. With a cake decorating bag and star tip make the stars in the blue background.
  23. Cover gently with plastic wrap. Chill until ready to use.
A fruit pizza shaped like a flag is a sure fire winner at any independence day celebratoin

Chocolate raspberry smoothie bowl

I love smoothies, I have one every morning. When the idea of smoothie bowl was introduced to me I was skeptical. After making and eating this version I can see the attractions to eating your smoothie in a bowl. Adding whole fruit and granola to your bowl of smoothie makes a nice chew-able breakfast, the crunch of granola and sweetness of the fruit is quite delicious.

I need to have a protein with my breakfast or I get sick since I have hypoglycemia, so I use a protein supplement. Whatever your preferred source is fine, soy, whey or paleo. I also can not drink cows milk so I used cashew milk. Whatever milk source you can tolerate works well. I have used coconut milk, quinoa milk and almond milk all taste great. Fresh or frozen raspberries work equally well.

Combine milk, chocolate protein powder and raspberries, in a blender. Pulse to combine then blend on high for a bit until completely mixed. Ice can be added if you want a colder version.

Pour into a bowl, sprinkle on granola, raspberries, and quinoa. Then enjoy this delicious nutritious protein packed breakfast.

Nuts can also be added to bowl if desired, pecans, almonds or walnuts would work great.

If adding frozen raspberries to your bowl, rinse in cool water to quickly defrost.

  • 1 cup raspberries, fresh or frozen
  • 1 cup milk or milk alternative
  • 2 tablespoon chocolate protein powder
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • ½ cup granola
  1. In blender combine milk, chocolate powder, ½ cup raspberries
  2. Pulse a few times to combine then blend to thoroughly combine
  3. Pour into bowl
  4. Sprinkle with remaining raspberries, chia seeds and granola
½-1 cup ice can be added if you prefer a colder version
Fresh or frozen raspberries can be used
Rinse frozen raspberries in cool water to defrost quickly

Gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries

$29 for a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries WHAT. Ridiculous, don’t pay for them, make your own, easily and dirt cheap. $3-4 for strawberries, $2-$4 for chocolate. VOILA. Your loved ones will be amazed. And you will most likely have more than a dozen when you are done. Of course the chef gets to test them by eating the ones that get messed up.

Wash strawberries, leave stems on and dry completely. Do not use any with bruises or soft spots this will cause the chocolate to become liquidy.  Melt chocolate on stove top very slowly. Stirring frequently. Keep pan on burner, turn on and off for short moments to keep chocolate warm. A double boiler works best for this if you have one. Lay waxed paper on counter or cookie sheet. Spray with non stick cooking spray. If possible turn off the heat in your house.

Spoon 1 cup of melted chocolate in a separate bowl, stir until smooth and free of lumps, holding the stem of the strawberry, dip into chocolate about a 1/2 inch from stem, roll side to side to cover completely. Add warm chocolate to bowl as needed, stirring thoroughly.

Place dipped strawberry on prepared wax paper. Do not let them touch or they will be stuck together when the chocolate sets. Add sprinkles or mini chocolate chips at this point so they sticks to the chocolate.

White chocolate, dark chocolate or colored chocolate swirls can be done as well, this is best done while chocolate is still shiny and not set up. Prepare a bag by putting desired chocolate chips in a small zip-lock bag and microwave for 15 seconds. Squish bag to combine chocolate and remove lumps. Repeat if needed. Cut a tiny corner off of the bag, gently squeeze to allow a string of chocolate to fall, then go back and forth over strawberry to add a decorative design. Stripes or swirls look gourmet. Let cool completely on wax paper before transferring to serving tray. Spray your tray with non stick cooking spray to prevent sticking.

Store in a cool place but not the fridge as this will turn them white.

These only keep fresh a day or two so enjoy quickly.

Colored chocolate or dark chocolate can be used as well.

Blackberry Jam

Blackberry jam is my favorite. Jams bought at the store just are not palatable. This tangy sweet topping for toast and biscuits makes my mouth water. This is tart and tangy and sweet at just the right moments.


Wash and drain blackberries

Put berries in mixer bowl blend to crush fruit. I prefer this method because I like pieces of fruit in my jam. You can also crush berries with a potato masher.

Combine berries fruit and pectin according to instructions. I like to add some lemon juice to make the jam a bit tangy to counteract the sweetness. A tablespoon of real butter can prevent foaming while cooking. Bring to boil and stir constantly as directed. After cooking time remove from heat. Skim off any foam that is present, with butter there should not be very much. However my dad loved the foam spread on fresh made bread.

I prefer to prepare my bottles in the dishwasher, use the sani-rinse and heat dry settings. Leave in the hot dishwasher until ready to use. Move to clean dish towel let cool enough to touch. Pour the hot jam liquid into the prepared jars using a canning funnel as shown, fill to bottom of funnel. Once the bottles are full clean off the lip with a wet towel. Put seals in saucepan with water bring to boil. Once boiling remove a seal from hot water using a canning magnetic stick as shown. I went years without these special tools, I have found these to be very useful, how did I ever live without them?

Put the lids on and screw tightly, let cool. The seals will pop as they cool. This means they have sealed. If jam is not sealed the lid will pop back when pressed. If after several hours one has not sealed then use it and store in fridge. If a jar is sealed the lid will not pop when pressed. Ball recommends doing a water bath to preserve jam correctly. You can also contact your state agriculture extension for recommendation in your area. Altitude will change cooking times.

*Note: Jam making can be a messy process but well worth it. Notice the pieces of berries in the liquid, these taste quite delicious when eating.

*It is best to start with a sparkling clean kitchen to prevent contamination.

*My mom used wax to seal her jam which I never recommend as the wax harbors bacteria. But on a good note me and my sibling can eat everything and never get food poisoning. We are all immune.

*Please please please refer to a canning book or website for the most current recommendations. See below.

*The same techniques are used for all types of cooked jams.

Triple Berry Pie (AKA Razzleberry)

This is my rendition of the famous Marie Calendars pie, so I all it Triple Berry Pie (don’t want to be stealing their recipes, just copycatting). I feel mine is a superb replica. I use a traditional pie crust. Fresh or frozen berries make this fantastic summertime dessert. This is a reminder of the wonderful pies that would have been taken to a small town gathering in the late 1800’s, complete with a hoe-down to follow.

I like to serve triple berry pie with vanilla ice cream while warm.  Now that’s totally preference.  You may like your pie naked.  And that’s ok too.


1. Prepare your pie crust for Triple Berry Pie.  This part often scares people the most.

2. Prepare filling: Put 1 1/2-2 cup of mixed berries in the bottom of the pie crust. This will help to ensure some nice juicy whole berries when eating. Combine cornstarch and sugar, add to berries and water.  Stir until mixed well. Place on medium to high burner.

Bring to boil, cook until thick and bubbly about 10-15 min (total cooking time). Stirring occasionally to prevent scorching. Be cautious of popping liquid it can give you quite a deep burn.

3. Finishing your pie: Carefully place top crust on and seal the edges. Make any decorative crust and edges you desire. Vent the top. Bake on the BOTTOM rack in a 375º degree oven for 1 hour. When top is golden brown and juices are bubbling the pie is done. Cool before eating. Serve with fresh cream or vanilla ice cream.

To prevent edges getting too dark. You can cover the edges with tin foil if you desire. Removing foil half way through baking.


*As you can see I did not successfully get the top crust in place without it splitting. This is because I did not roll it soon enough and it dried out (because I was taking pictures when I should have been cooking 😉 . If you do not roll out the crust immediately cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate.
*Fortunately it still tastes fabulous.

While I was waiting for this to cool I made the mistake of leaving the room. When I came back someone had decided to eat my pie right out of the pan. The culprit confessed and said it was the best pie ever made, better than any pie ever bought. Well the saga continues. After dinner I go back to my pie to get a slice and half of it is now gone. I scoop me up a piece, when I return to put the pie away their is no pie remaining. Now I ask you there are 5 people in this house how did we eat a whole pie, in one night? This reminds me of the cartoons we watched as a kid. The one where the cook put the pie on the window sill to cool and it is stolen before she knows it. Bakers beware!!


*Make extra filling and this can be used as an ice cream topping.
*As I mentioned I do not use strawberries or blueberries when I make this. Most frozen berry blends come with both these berries. I just removed them. If you can find non-mixed berries you should buy them. I love the deep taste and color you get from using both blackberries and boysenberries.

*Hide the pie if you want it for any thing other than being eaten immediately 🙂

To make a lattice crust. Cut top crust in strips, then weave them as shown above. Seal each strip on edge

  • 1 cup sugar
  • ⅓ cup cornstarch
  • 1 ½ cup water
  • 6 cups of berries, raspberries, boysenberries, blackberries (Frozen is acceptable)
  • 2 prepared pie crust, one for bottom one for top
  1. Put one pie crust in bottom of pie pan. Prepare top crust, cover with plastic. Set aside
  2. Put 1½ cup of mixed berries in the bottom of the pie crust. This will help to ensure some nice juicy whole berries when eating.
  3. Combine cornstarch and sugar stir until mixed well, put in sauce pan, add remaining berries and water. Bring to boil, cook until thick and bubbly about 10-15 min total cooking time. Stirring occasionally to prevent scorching.
  4. Pour mixture into pie shell. Fill to top.
  5. Carefully place top crust on and seal the edges. Make any decorative top crust and edges you desire. Vent the top.
  6. Bake on the BOTTOM rack in a 375º degree oven for 1 hour. You can cover the edges with tin foil if you desire. Removing foil half way through baking.
  7. When top is golden brown and juices are bubbling the pie is done. Cool before eating.
Serve with fresh cream or vanilla ice cream.
Make extra filling and this can be used as an ice cream topping.

Berry Medley Salad


1 container raspberries
1 container blackberries
1 container blueberries
1 small container Greek yogurt any flavor

Rinse and drain berries. Lay out on paper towel and pat dry to remove water. Let rest for a few minutes.

Pour berries in a medium size bowl, add 1 package of Greek yogurt (any flavor).

Gently fold berries and yogurt so you do not crush the berries. Chill 1 hour before serving.

1/2 cup whipped cream can be added if desired
Any combinations of berries will work in this

Note:This can be a bit tart for some eaters, especially children. Some honey (2-4 Tablespoons) can be added to sweeten this a bit. We prefer it unsweetened. Actually I eat this for breakfast with the unflavored unsweetened yogurt.

1/2 cup whipped cream can be added if desired
Any combinations of berries will work in this

Note:This can be a bit tart for some eaters, especially children. Some honey (2-4 Tablespoons) can be added to sweeten this a bit. We prefer it unsweetened. Actually I eat this for breakfast with the unflavored unsweetened yogurt.