Food bloggers field trip

Utah food bloggers recently went on a field trip to Logan UT. The day started off at the Logan’s Historic Courthouse where the Gardeners Market (Farmers market) is located every Saturday during the summer. An abundance of fresh produce and other items were available to purchase. Here we were served free pancakes from “Stacked Pancakes”, complete with fresh fruit, and buttermilk syrup. We then wandered around the Gardeners Market which was incredible. After shopping for delicious fresh grown produce, we all drove to a local jam producer “Butchers Bunches”. This company started with a batch of jam and an idea, to make sugar free jam. This simple idea turned into a successful business. Following this stop we then went to “Gibbons Green Gate” a local farm in Smithfield UT They produces grass fed, free range, lamb, beef, fresh eggs and heirloom produce, which is then served on site at their farm to fork restaurant, “Carriage House Kitchen”. Here we sampled some of their delicious menu items, pepperoni omelet, fresh lamb sausage, zuchinni cookies. At this point I had to leave but the Annette and the rest of the group went on to Cafe Sabor for a delicious lunch, and they ended the day with a fresh batch of kettle corn from Craig Winder. I was sad to miss the last two event, but I look forward to our next field trip.

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The followign post contains sponsored links.  The authors received free products and services for participation in this event.

What fun can be had a a farmers market. Especially if it is a fantastic gardeners market. Like the one in Cache valley, which is held next to the Historic courthouse in Logan Utah also known as Cache Valley. This market had all the items one would expect, an abundance of fresh grown local fruits and vegetables and local vender’s of clothing, jewelry and crystals. As one would expect to find in Logan there was fresh local berries, which Cache valley is famous for. (In Utah anyway) Of course the sellers of the products were eager and willing to let you sample the product they were selling, raw honey and vinegar, salsa, bread, hummus. The variety found here was so fun and exciting I hated to leave.Cache Valley Garden Market can be found on the web at

Short stack or tall stack which ever is your preference :Stacked Pancakes” has just what you are looking for. They can be found Saturday mornings at the Garden Market in Logan UT. The choices they have for finishing off your pancakes include; blueberries, strawberries bananas, pecans, peanut butter, Nutella and honey and their special homemade buttermilk syrup. The batter is whipped up right before your eyes using a cordless drill with a special whip attachment. The hot pancakes are cooked on a grill right before your eyes and the fresh topping are sliced and prepared  as you watch and wait for your name to be called. However you want your pancakes stacked this is the place to go. Get your pancakes and enjoy the rest of your day at the Garden Market in Logan UTTo find our more about Stacked and their services

Liz Butcher greeted us in the loading bay of her commercial kitchen to show us her newest secret recipe.  I can’t tell you want exactly is in it, but the pictures give you an idea.   Her jams are all natural with no added sugar (ok one has some added sugar).  Even her pectin is gluten-free—–who knew that pectin had wheat flour in it?

Liz’s process is so much like homemade that if we weren’t using 20 gallon stock pots and standing down the hall from the loading dock I would have sworn we were at Liz’s house.  It’s simple, natural and obviously that makes it delicious.  We asked her all about how she choose her bottle design (turns out she was a graphic artist in another life), where she sourced her fruit (turns our she used to be a farmer), how she gets her inspiration (this one came from a pie), and most importantly we asked if we can sample.  And boy did we sample.  Liz combines unique flavors to create such amazing mixtures as Mint Lemonade Jam and Balsamic Berry Drizzle….I still can’t get over how they are all sugar free but without sugar substitute!  This tastes wonderful.  I have seen these jars at my local Harmon’s Grocery (guess they are at Whole Foods too)  and never understood why they held a space next too the gourmet cheese.  I comprehend it all now!!!!  And I am glad I know where to grab me a few jars.

Check out all their jams at

Gibbon’s Green Gate

“Farm to Table” have you heard of it?  Probably.  Have you experienced it?  Maybe.  Would you like to?  Definitely.  Green Gibbons Farm in Logan, Cache Valley is just that a farm to table breakfast joint situated in the middle of 6 acres of land used to breed cows, chicken and lamb.  With an extensive kitchen garden.

After Jared Gibbon graduated from Utah State University in Horticulture, he came to his father with this new idea of shortening the supply chain in the food so small that people would come to the farm to eat.  They grabbed a few more acres, built a kitchen and dining area above the garage and now they serve up omelettes and goodness to  locals and snowbirds for breakfast two days a week (Friday and Saturday only).

Jared carefully choose animal breeds for taste and yield to ensure that this kitchen offers the finest.  I can tell you that I thought the idea of lamb as a breakfast meet would be, in a word, “yucky”.  But Jared and his sister (chief recipe designer) have proven me wrong.  I actually found the lamb sausage to be tasty and not overpowering with that dry grassy tasty I ave had with lamb.  We wer also served up their Sicilian Omlette:  fresh eggs with pepperoni, a feta from their coworker’s own goats, and some kalamata olives  (ok the olives aren’t local).

The food may be the purpose of this kitchen, but the dining area just invites you to come in, sit down and enjoy.  Looking our picture windows as the grassy expanse of their property with mountains in the background you feel a part of the slow pace of a farm life.  With touches of country home from the wild flower filled vases to the farmstead tables you want to pull up a chair and set a while.

To call for reservations refer to their website

Cafe Sabor

Our final stop on this amazing tour was at Cafe Sabor.  The restaurant is in an old train station building lending it a pleasant aged feeling and a sense of authenticity you can’t get anywhere.  There is another restaurant I know of in Salt Lake City that is in an old train station, but Cafe Sabor has me loving their food so much more.  Just look at the custom menu they did for us.  These are all their best dishes.  How is a girl to decided?

I was torn between the house signature of Pollo Durango and the Sweet Pork Quesadilla (I really can’t turn away a quesadilla).

For hours and menu details check their website

Kettle Corn

Since this is a foodie tour we can’t leave our restaurant without food.  So Craig Winder, local lawyer turned Kettle corn maker, shared his product with us.  Apparently lawyers are subject to being concerned about rising college costs, because he said he started the kettle corn business to get money set aside for is kid’s college.  He began selling the corn at Aggie (Utah State University) football games.  And it’s still going strong….not so strong he doesn’t keep his day job.

As kettle corn goes, this is good stuff.  I am not a huge popcorn fan in general.  But kettle corn does have that appealing sweet-salty combo.  And KettleCopia does not disappoint.  Kind makes me crave football season.

And in the end we all had a wonderful time.  When can we get together again and enjoy all the delicious foodie-ness of Logan, Cache Valley?


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