Corn Tortillas

Warm corn tortillas, eaten hot off the griddle is so satisfying. Fill those tortillas with chicken filling, beef or pork and they are even more satisfying. I wrapped them up with melted butter and ate them hot and dripping with butter “taco nada” nothing taco. These also work great for enchiladas, tostadas or home made corn chips. These are so easy I don’t know why I have ever bought the dry flaky ones in the grocery store. I used a tortilla press, which really helped in getting them super thin, a rolling pin works well too. Keep them in a bowl filled with kitchen towels while the others cook and this keeps them warm and steamy. Keeping them soft and ready for your filling.

Combine Masa with water until a soft semi stiff dough forms that resembles play dough.

It should be easily pliable not too stiff and slightly moist but not sticky. Too dry and it won’t hold together when cooking.

A tortilla press makes this so easy to do. Cast iron or stainless steel either will work well.

Place a medium size ball of dough in the center of the press.

Press the handle of the press down several times to assure the dough is pressed thinly

Using a flat spatula gently remove the tortilla from the press.

The tortilla should be thin and hold together well.

Put tortilla on medium hot griddle with no oil. Cook about 30 seconds until tiny bubbles form, then flip over and cook until light brown dots develop about 1 minute. Flip and repeat on other side. Keep tortillas in covered dish until ready to serve.

  • 2 cups masa harina
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1½ cups hot water
  1. Combine ingredients in bowl, using hands mix ingredients until a soft pliable dough forms.
  2. The dough should be moist but not sticky and hold it shape.
  3. Make golf ball size balls
  4. Place in center of tortilla press sprayed with nonstick spray and press firmly to make thin disks about 6-8 inches round.
  5. Using a flat thin spatula remove from press.
  6. Place on medium high griddle.
  7. Cook about 30 seconds then turn. Cook another minute, then turn again.
  8. Light brown spots should start to appear on bottom side.
  9. Place in a bowl with dish towel and cover, add remaining tortilla.
  10. This will help to steam the tortillas until ready to serve.
Many recipes recommend placing the ball in between two pieces of a plastic bag, then peeling the tortilla off the plastic. I was not successful doing this. So be patient and keep trying until you find a method that works for you.

If the dough is sticking too much it might need some more flour. If it is falling apart it might need some more water.


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