Strawberry yogurt smoothie bowl

This is a fresh alternative to breakfast, strawberry smoothie bowl with yogurt. Strawberries blended in a smoothie, then served in a bowl with fresh homemade granola and a dollop of yogurt. This smoothie bowl is a way to kick start your day,  better than your usual cornflakes breakfast.

In blender combine, milk (or milk alternative) add 5-6 whole strawberries stems and leaves included, add a tsp of honey to sweeten it just a bit. Pulse until strawberries are chopped up then blend on high until completely smooth.

Pour the smoothie mix in a bowl, sprinkle with granola, a few dollops of greek yogurt and top with sliced strawberries.

have found that a smoothie bowl is an enjoyable way to start your day, taking the time to sit and eat your breakfast gives you time to reflect on your day before running off at warp speed. The taste and textures really give your mind and body a energy boost.



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