Strawberry Yogurt Parfait

This is one of my favorite desserts and breakfasts. I just call it Yogurt Parfait.  My dad hates yogurt but in a parfait he eats it and loves it. We all spend way too much buying these from our favorite fast food bagel or coffee shops. When we can make them at home FRESH not frozen and sugar free if desired. Made at home they are cheap and delicious.

You will need your favorite plain or vanilla yogurt. I like greek yogurt because it has tons of protein. A good granola I make my own, Granola. Fresh strawberries or other fruit. In bottom of cup put a few slices of strawberries, top with a scoop of vanilla followed by a couple of tablespoons of granola. Repeat layers until cup is full.

TADA fresh healthy affordable yogurt parfait.

Make these ahead of time for your kids to devour when they come home from school or pack in small plastic containers to grab and go to sports practices. If you have dancers, gymnasts or wrestlers, send these with them for a super protein power pick me up during practice. Put the granola in a small snack bag to sprinkle on top.


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