Sprouting Your Own Fresh Sprouts

I decided to really get to the basic of nutrition when I started sprouting. I am still a novice, I made two salads so far both were pretty good. For me getting used to the fresh taste of sprouts was exciting. As I started my seeds, tending to them daily and finally watching the sprouts erupt, I felt so excited to experience what I had created.

I used a mixture of seeds with split peas, mung beans and sunflowers. I also did garbanzo beans, these take longer than the other seeds, I became impatient waiting for them, although I found to be quite delicious. I would recommend starting bigger seeds sooner if you want them all together.

Day 1 rinse the seeds several times, then cover with water and let soak overnight.

Day 2 drain old water,  then rinse a couple of times with fresh water. Drain all water shaking to remove and remaining water, then let sit in window seal until evening,  repeat the process.

Continue to rinse twice daily every day until the sprouts have fully developed. They will begin to look like a science project or an alien invasion. Be patient they are doing what they are supposed to do.

Day of harvest, rinse in fresh water several times to remove and remaining debris. Place on paper town to drain.