Marinated Rib Steak

Steak the all time man food, a slab of meat, a fork and fire. The method of fire is an area of debate that I am not going to get into. I like the gas because I am lazy, and it is ready all year long. We have a friendly discussion every time about what is the best cut of steak is, rib steak, t-bone, sirloin, rib eye. My all time favorite is a 1″ porterhouse. There are more specific types but I will leave it at that. A summer BBQ with fresh salads, a hot grill and friends is the best summer activity.

This is my oldest sons specialty. I think he just opens the cupboard and dumps stuff in.

1 beer, Lowery’s seasoning, pepper, 3-4 garlic cloves

Season steaks with Lowrey’s

Notice his method is the dump in one pan method to decrease the need to wash dishes.

Mix the ingredients by swishing in the pan. Let marinate 4 hours, turn half way through

Put on hot grill. cook 5-7 minutes on each side depending on preferred done-ness. I prefer medium rare, with the center pink and the edges slightly brown. The steaks are very flavorful and tender. No need for steak sauce.

If you say you like well done then you have never really had a good steak, you have had glorified jerky.