Gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries

$29 for a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries WHAT. Ridiculous, don’t pay for them, make your own, easily and dirt cheap. $3-4 for strawberries, $2-$4 for chocolate. VOILA. Your loved ones will be amazed. And you will most likely have more than a dozen when you are done. Of course the chef gets to test them by eating the ones that get messed up.

Wash strawberries, leave stems on and dry completely. Do not use any with bruises or soft spots this will cause the chocolate to become liquidy.  Melt chocolate on stove top very slowly. Stirring frequently. Keep pan on burner, turn on and off for short moments to keep chocolate warm. A double boiler works best for this if you have one. Lay waxed paper on counter or cookie sheet. Spray with non stick cooking spray. If possible turn off the heat in your house.

Spoon 1 cup of melted chocolate in a separate bowl, stir until smooth and free of lumps, holding the stem of the strawberry, dip into chocolate about a 1/2 inch from stem, roll side to side to cover completely. Add warm chocolate to bowl as needed, stirring thoroughly.

Place dipped strawberry on prepared wax paper. Do not let them touch or they will be stuck together when the chocolate sets. Add sprinkles or mini chocolate chips at this point so they sticks to the chocolate.

White chocolate, dark chocolate or colored chocolate swirls can be done as well, this is best done while chocolate is still shiny and not set up. Prepare a bag by putting desired chocolate chips in a small zip-lock bag and microwave for 15 seconds. Squish bag to combine chocolate and remove lumps. Repeat if needed. Cut a tiny corner off of the bag, gently squeeze to allow a string of chocolate to fall, then go back and forth over strawberry to add a decorative design. Stripes or swirls look gourmet. Let cool completely on wax paper before transferring to serving tray. Spray your tray with non stick cooking spray to prevent sticking.

Store in a cool place but not the fridge as this will turn them white.

These only keep fresh a day or two so enjoy quickly.

Colored chocolate or dark chocolate can be used as well.