Corned Beef and Cabbage

A classic Irish dish which Americans usually only eat on St Patrick’s day. This is one of my kids all time favorite, when I was married I made it several times a year, now that I am single I usually only cook it once a year just like other Americans. I love the reubens we get to eat the next few days. So make two roasts and enjoy the leftovers. Corned beef is made from the brisket of the cow, marinated in a brine.

Most people do not realize that you can buy corned beef all year round, the trick is looking for it when it does not have flashing green lights pointing to it. During the paddy day season buy your roast and cabbage early as some stores will run out on St Patrick’s day.

Put the corned beef in a crock pot, add the included season pack, cover brisket with water. Simmer on low all day.

30 minutes before eating, drain juice off of brisket. Cut up cabbage in quarters, place in deep sauce pan. Cover with juice from meat, boil until tender 15-20 minutes.