Anna’s Super Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nothing is more satisfying for anyone like a chocolate chip cookies. Hot out of the oven, or dipped in ice cold milk.  Old or young a cookies is always a perfect treat.The rumor is that cookies were the way cooks tested the wood ovens to see if the oven was hot enough. These test bites became a culinary delight all their own.

I will confess I am not very good at making cookies, it just is not my area of expertise. I excel at bread not cookies. My daughter is the cookie expert, this is her version it has 2 tablespoons of milk which help make a soft chewy cookie.

The batter should be slightly sticky but still stiff. I prefer this to any other recipe it is pretty fail proof. Always test one before doing a full pan just to make sure the proportions are right, adjust with a bit more flour or milk if needed. I am a cookie dough addict so I usually bake half then freeze half to have later.

Cream sugars, eggs and shortening until smooth. Add milk and vanilla.  Add flour, salt and soda blend until well mixed. Slowly add in chocolate chips. Dough should be stiff and slightly sticky.  Scoop onto greased cookie sheet by spoonfuls or use cookie scoop.

Bake until top is slightly brown, cookies are best if the inside is slightly undone and gooey. Store in an airtight bag and they will keep for several days. If they last that long.