Gourmet Carmel Apples

Gourmet caramel apples are the best way to have an apple a day. Here are some examples of apples I made with my nephews, niece and daughter a few years ago. As you can see my nephew went all out.


Simple dip the apple in warm caramel, then let it set for a few minutes to firm up. Then dip in milk chocolate or white chocolate. Roll in desired toppings and drizzle with more chocolate. Voila gourmet caramel apples that did not cost you a fortune. Some companies are charging $40.00 for an apple. Most are at a more reasonable price of around $9.00. These can be made and given as gifts for holidays or birthdays.

Step 1  Melt the caramel. I prefer to buy name brand caramels they melt better. Unwrap at least 1 pound of caramels, melt in medium sauce pan on medium heat. Add 1 tablespoon of milk, this will make them more dip-able. Stir continually until all caramels are melted. I am the worst caramel maker in the world. I always goes hard and we end up with toffee. So you can make your own if your desire, cook to a hard ball stage the caramel holds it shape on the apples.

Step 2 Wash your apples with dish soap to remove any wax coating than may have been applied. Let dry completely. Insert sticks. Thick  bamboo skewers or old popsicle sticks work well.

Step 3 Crush Oreo cookies, Butterfinger candy bars, heath candy bars, nuts

Step 4 Dip your apple in the caramel roll from side to side to cover most of the apple. Lift out of caramel and bounce the apple on top of the caramel. This will help to pull the excess caramel off the apple. Wipe the bottom of the apple on the pan to remove any excess. Place on plate or cookies sheet that is sprayed with nonstick spry to prevent sticking.

Step 5 Melt chocolate. Place 1 bag of chocolate chips in medium glass bowl. Microwave for 20 seconds stir, repeat at 30 second intervals until chocolate is melted. Stir thoroughly between each heating. Chocolate will melt if stirred enough usually after second heating. For drizzling put 1/2 cup of melted chocolate in a zip lock bag, and snip tiny piece off the corner. To keep this warm place a bowl on a pan of hot water not boiling.

Step 6 Dip the caramel covered apple in the white or milk chocolate. Rotating the apple so the chocolate covers all areas. Immediately dip in desired cookies or candy. Set on cookie sheet sprayed with non stick spray. At this point I like to place the apple on small paper plates for easy delivery to friends.


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