Cranberries bounce when ripe. Here is an interesting video that shows how cranberries are harvested.  Cranberry youtube video

Cranberries can either bring to mind delicious food, holidays or tart juice. They are grown in bogs on small bushes. When the berries are eaten fresh they are very tart and acidic. I would have to say most people think of cranberry juice and cranberry sauce when they hear the word cranberry. More recently they have been dried and sweetened to resemble raisins, they are often flavored with such tastes as cherry, pomegranate, berry and orange. I dare say this has increased consumption since this dried version is very tasty. They are delicious eaten right out of the bag or in salads, bread, and many other recipes. Nutritionally cranberries contain potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and manganese.

Interesting fact from nurse Stacy, cranberries help prevent urinary tract infections. A chemical in them binds to the urinary walls and prevents infections from binding. So drink your cranberry juice daily and be healthy. If you get a UTI drink a whole gallon of straight cranberry juice in one day and you will feel much better.

On a more delicious note here are some very tempting things that can be done with cranberries.