Blackberry Jam

Blackberry jam is my favorite. Jams bought at the store just are not palatable. This tangy sweet topping for toast and biscuits makes my mouth water. This is tart and tangy and sweet at just the right moments.


Wash and drain blackberries

Put berries in mixer bowl blend to crush fruit. I prefer this method because I like pieces of fruit in my jam. You can also crush berries with a potato masher.

Combine berries fruit and pectin according to instructions. I like to add some lemon juice to make the jam a bit tangy to counteract the sweetness. A tablespoon of real butter can prevent foaming while cooking. Bring to boil and stir constantly as directed. After cooking time remove from heat. Skim off any foam that is present, with butter there should not be very much. However my dad loved the foam spread on fresh made bread.

I prefer to prepare my bottles in the dishwasher, use the sani-rinse and heat dry settings. Leave in the hot dishwasher until ready to use. Move to clean dish towel let cool enough to touch. Pour the hot jam liquid into the prepared jars using a canning funnel as shown, fill to bottom of funnel. Once the bottles are full clean off the lip with a wet towel. Put seals in saucepan with water bring to boil. Once boiling remove a seal from hot water using a canning magnetic stick as shown. I went years without these special tools, I have found these to be very useful, how did I ever live without them?

Put the lids on and screw tightly, let cool. The seals will pop as they cool. This means they have sealed. If jam is not sealed the lid will pop back when pressed. If after several hours one has not sealed then use it and store in fridge. If a jar is sealed the lid will not pop when pressed. Ball recommends doing a water bath to preserve jam correctly. You can also contact your state agriculture extension for recommendation in your area. Altitude will change cooking times.

*Note: Jam making can be a messy process but well worth it. Notice the pieces of berries in the liquid, these taste quite delicious when eating.

*It is best to start with a sparkling clean kitchen to prevent contamination.

*My mom used wax to seal her jam which I never recommend as the wax harbors bacteria. But on a good note me and my sibling can eat everything and never get food poisoning. We are all immune.

*Please please please refer to a canning book or website for the most current recommendations. See below.

*The same techniques are used for all types of cooked jams.