Ham Fried Rice


Not your traditional recipe I learned this from a Vietnamese Woman. My oldest used to call this eggs with rice. He later went to Korea for 2 years where he ate rice every morning. Fate is interesting.



2 cups long grain rice (Not minute rice)
4 cups water
4 eggs well beaten
2 cups diced ham
1 bunch green onions
2 cloves garlic
2-3 tablespoons sugar
1/4 cup oyster sauce
2-4 tablespoons soy sauce (I use Maggi)available at Chinese grocery store
Olive oil

  1. Cook rice. Best method is to have leftover rice from night before. If cooking it fresh rinse in cold water before frying. Drain thoroughly. Let rice rest while you prepare other ingredients. Over cooked rice will result in sticky final results.
  2. Season large fry pan with 2 tablespoons olive oil, saute onions and garlic about 2-3 min empty onto plate. Add some more olive oil, just enough to coat bottom of pan. Pour in eggs swirling a few times, pull away from sides, let set. Do not overcook. Pour out onto onions. Repeat with ham.
  3. Add olive oil to coat pan, heat over med high heat. Test for heat by dropping water in pan if it sizzles it is ready. Do not allow oil to overheat. Add rice to pan, toss to warm, add onion/garlic, ham, oyster sauce, soy sauce. Toss thoroughly, add eggs and sugar. Toss often until thoroughly blended. Taste for sugar and soy sauce flavor. Add more if needed.

TIP: Keeping heat high and the rice moving is the trick to this rice. It should have a white color with a light brown tinge if it is brown too much oyster sauce and soy sauce was added.

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