Char Chu (Siu) alias Purple Pork


4 pounds lean boneless pork roast, or boneless ribs. Trim fat.
1 package Char Chu Chinese Barbeque mix from Asian store
½ cup sugar
4 tablespoons premium soy sauce

  1. Sprinkle dry powder on meat all sides. Place in Crock pot Marinate overnight.
  2. Pour 1-2 cups water into pot do not completely cover meat we do not want to boil it, add sugar and soy sauce.
  3. Simmer on low 6 hours. Checking water level occasionally to prevent drying out. I does need to reduce to a few inches by end of cooking. So don’t add more unless level gets too low.
  4. Remove meat from pot, slice across grain in thin slices. Put in serving bowl pour remaining sauce over meat Should be about 1 cup. Do not stir. Meat will be purple on edges and pink inside.
  5. Serve with fried rice. Makes excellent sandwich on hard roll.

This dish with Fried Rice is my oldest sons favorite dish.


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